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The medical students of today represent the future of the medical community. The Hellenic Medical Society of New York, recognizing the financial challenges of rising educational costs and the pressure from decreasing borrowing opportunities, proud of the scholastic achievements of those who prepare to succeed us, established the Medical Scholarship Fund in 1978, to offer a financial reward and assistance to medical students of Hellenic heritage who excel in their studies and are in need of financial support. Although this award or support is only symbolic we hope it provides solace and encouragement to them in the knowledge that their mentors and indeed the entire Hellenic American Community value their efforts and acknowledges its commitment to them.


Although the USA continues to be the leader in scientific discovery and the development of new technologies, the biomedical research sector continues to receive insufficient support. Some research grants have been reduced and others have been eliminated. As a result, careers in research have become more difficult to pursue.

In 1988 The Hellenic Medical Society of New York initiated the Biomedical Research Grants and Awards Fund to encourage and support biomedical research conducted by students of Hellenic heritage. Grants are awarded for research project conducted by an M.D. and/or Ph.D. candidates who have authored and published scientific papers and in addition to secondary school students, to stimulate their interest in biomedical research. Since the inception of the funds, over $175,000 has been awarded to more than 130 recipients.

The officers and members of the HMS express their appreciation to all who established and continued to support the following named Grants and Awards in honor of distinguished colleagues: Drs. Leonidas Lantzounis, Michael Mulinos, Christ Bozes, and Apostolos Tambakis.


The Christos Bozes High School Scholarship was named after Dr. Bozes, one of the original board members who kept the society alive during the difficult years of World War II in the 1930s and 40s.


Named Scholarship Funds require a minimum commitment of $25,000, of which an initial deposit of $5,000 is required to establish the fund.

For more information please call HMSNY Administration at 718-398-2440

  • Dr. Stavroula Angelakos-Gabriel Memorial Scholarship
  • Theodore & Evelyn Chengelis Memorial Scholarship *
  • Dr. Polyvios N. Coryllos Memorial Scholarship
  • E-Trade Scholarship
  • Dr. Demetrios Flessas Memorial Scholarship *
  • Drs. Anthony & Joyce Kales Scholarship
  • Dr. Zacharias Kofinas Memorial Scholarship
  • Dr. Demetrios Kotsilimbas Memorial Scholarship *
  • Dr. James Spyropoulos Memorial Scholarship
  • Dr. Constantinos Stefanides Memorial Scholarship *
  • Dr. James Nicholas Memorial Scholarship
  • Dr. Constantinos Vardopoulos Scholarship
  • Dr. Anthony and Sophia Vasilas Memorial Scholarship
  • HMS NY Scholarship Fund
  • Christ Bozes Essay High School Fund *
  • Stavros Hartofilis RESEARCH Fund
  • Leonidas Lantzounis RESEARCH Fund *
  • Michael Mulinos RESEARCH Fund *
  • Dr. Apostolos Tambakis RESEARCH Fund
  • HMS NY/Cornell Papanicolaou Scholarship Fund
  • Dr. Apostolos Tambakis Fellowship in Ophthalmology at Harkness Eye Institute Columbia University *